Carpet is a gorgeous addition to any home, and proper installation and care ensure that the carpet you purchase lasts a long time. Whether you’re replacing old, worn carpet or hardwood/laminate flooring, a new, soft carpet will be a joy to walk on. You have several choices, from carpet pile height to stain resistance to twist numbers, so choosing your new carpet may take some time.


Most of the work should be done by other people, but there are a few steps you’ll handle yourself. One is that you’ll have to arrange for a company to remove the old flooring or carpet. You’ll also need to discuss door clearances and baseboard heights with the installers to ensure the new carpet won’t block the doors from moving; if the new carpet is taller than the old carpet, the door edge may be too low and will need to be sanded or cut.

Just before the old flooring is removed, clean it; that removes loose dirt and dust so that they won’t fly all over your house during removal. Also clean the bare floor once the main flooring material has been removed. Everything else, from rolling out to stretching the carpet, is something the installers will do.

Maintenance and Cleaning

When the new carpet is in place, develop a cleaning regimen. You really don’t have to do much; you just have to do it regularly. Carpet needs vacuuming usually on a weekly basis, although if you have a lot of foot traffic, pet dander problems, or allergies, vacuuming twice a week is better. Every once in a while, you should inspect the carpet to look for potential rips (very important if you have pets) and new stains. Using a stain remover as soon as you spot something is vital.

Something that a lot of people don’t realize is that the stains you see on carpet often start with a spill that you thought you cleaned up. When spilled items, especially sugary ones like juice or food, aren’t cleaned up well, the residue that’s left behind can attract and trap dirt. You may think the spill is gone, but that invisible residue soon becomes very visible. The same happens with soap that isn’t cleaned up well, either. In other words, if you use a detergent to remove a stain or clean a section of the carpet, ensure you remove all the detergent. Otherwise, you end up with more trapped dirt that forms another stain.

Carpet offers innumerable benefits, from providing a warmer floor surface in winter to muffling noise in the room. Whether you want a room to look comforting and clean with soft solid colors or elegant and sophisticated with artsy patterns, you will be able to find carpet that is right for your home and lifestyle.