Flooring is an important element of any room’s decor, and it’s not the only item that you may want to have on the ground. Whether you have tile, laminate, hardwood, or even carpet, sometimes you need a little something else to complete the room. An area rug could be exactly what you desire. These easy-to-move pieces lend more color to a room decorated in classic neutral colors, and they provide softness and warmth on a cold morning. Reemsnyder Decorating offers several area rugs for sale.

Why You Might Want an Area Rug

A new carpet or floor looks nice. But adding an area rug can protect the carpet or floor from furniture legs and scuffs, and when it’s cold and the floor is cold, too, that rug gives you a nice, warm place to stand. These rugs also allow you to add patterns and colors to your floor without changing the permanent flooring, and if you’ve somehow managed to stain or damage the new floor already, an area rug is a nice way to cover up. that spot.

How You Care for an Area Rug

Most area rugs are very easy to clean. You should vacuum them regularly or hang them on a clothesline outside and use a rug beater to get dust out. If you have a shag rug, do not use the beater bar on your vacuum as that can grab and pull the longer fibers; check your vacuum for carpet-height settings, too. A carpet rake is very helpful on any type of rug for picking up dirt, hair, and other debris that can settle into the top layers of the rug fibers.

Like full carpets, area rugs should go through professional cleaning on a regular basis. Look for rugs that have a stain-repellent coating to help control discoloration from spills and foot traffic. If you do spill something blot it up — don’t rub back and forth — with a clean cloth and use a mild dishwashing detergent mixed with water (about 1/4 tsp of detergent per quart of water, preferably warm water) to remove the stain. Again, never scrub — just blot.

How to Find That Perfect Area Rug

Possibly the toughest part about getting an area rug is the process of choosing between all the colors and patterns, not to mention the material. You’ll have a range of colors, of course, and you should consider how these will affect the overall appearance of the room, whether a color will make the room seem lighter, cozier, or what have you. The same goes for patterns; will a busy pattern add visual interest, or will it be annoying to look at after a few months? Maybe you don’t want much of a pattern at all in that area of the room, in which case a solid-color rug is best.

Materials can be soft and plush or relatively flat and rough. Are you looking for something to sit on or walk on while barefoot? Go for soft and cushiony. Are you looking for something that gives the room a sleek appearance? A flatter pile might be better.

Reemsnyder Decorating has many area rugs for you to look at. If you want that last pop of color or that finishing touch, take a look at these rugs to see which suits your home the best.