Reemsnyder Decorating is known for flooring, but we also offer wall and window decorating as well as several other home-decorating services. If you need to replace old, bent blinds, want to try new forms of flooring, or even just need some supplies for a DIY decorating project, Reemsnyder can help.

Cork Flooring

If you want new flooring that comes from sustainable or recycled sources, look at cork. Cork is made from recycled fibers and is eco-friendly as it doesn’t require a lot of new material to make the flooring. It comes in custom designs and has the added advantage of dulling sound for a quieter home.

Look for Fabric and Flooring Supplies

Are you planning to sew some new pillow covers for your couch? Create your own curtains? If you’re working on a home-improvement project that needs fabric, try Reemsnyder’s selection before heading to the fabric store. We know which fabrics perform well in home-decoration settings and can help you find the types that are easiest for cleaning and that will last as long as possible. If you don’t need fabric but need other home-improvement supplies, talk to us; we may have just what you need.

Radiant Heating and Underlayment for Better Comfort

Flooring can be cold in the morning, especially in winter. For hardwood, laminate, and tile floors, try adding radiant heating to keep your feet feeling nice and cozy. Remember that heat rises, so this form of heating, in which heating coils sit under the floor, is energy efficient and better at distributing heat throughout a room. If you’re trying to make your flooring last longer and aren’t concerned about heating, different underlayment may be what you need. Underlayment can positively affect warranties for flooring, too.

Wallpaper and Windows Get Treatments, Too

One of Reemsnyder’s more extensive non-flooring services is window treatment. Valances, blonds, curtains, and more are all available, and our staff can help you find the types of treatments that will give your home the look you want. From classic, drapey material to modern, sleek blinds, we have many options. If you want to redo your walls, too, without paint, look at our wallpaper offerings to see which colors and patterns would work well in your home.

Reemsnyder Decorating offers something for decorating almost every part of your home. Speak with our staff about what you need so we can help you put together a plan.