Your home is where you relax, and it’s important that it be a comfortable place that looks nice and that is simple to maintain. Older flooring can complicate all that, whether that flooring is scratched hardwood, dented laminate, worn carpet, or scuffed tile. Your floor plays a bigger role than you might have realized in how you feel in your home, and that feeling can affect how you perceive the rest of your life. By adding new flooring, you make your home look newer and better maintained, and that can cast a positive light on everything else.

Of course, choosing new flooring can be difficult. There’s a tendency to either stick with the same type or to rush to something different simply because you didn’t like your previous type of flooring, and that can lead to more dissatisfaction. One of the services that Reemsnyder Decorating offers is interior decorating advice, and our staff can help you choose flooring that performs well and that suits your home. Maybe the type of flooring you had before was actually the best for you in general, but there were some issues with that particular type that another version can eliminate. For example, maybe you had old, worn carpet that seemed impossible to keep clean, but it was really the length of the pile that caused issues, and new carpet with a different pile length would be perfect for you.

Our installers can also give you an in-home estimate that is free to you. The process takes about a half hour, and we’ll bring the samples to your home so that you can see what each looks like in the light that your home usually has (instead of the commercial LED or fluorescent light you get in a showroom). You can compare those samples with the rest of your decor to ensure you’re getting a good match.

Of course, we also offer installation as well as moisture checks before hardwood installation. We can give you advice on how to clean the flooring so that it lasts as long as possible. With good installation and good care, new flooring from Reemsnyder Decorating can last for years.

We also offer additional home services and project financing. If you want to replace your flooring and don’t know where to start, contact us and set up a time to meet with a decorating consultant. We’ll work with you to find the right materials, color, pile length if you’re getting carpet, and more.